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HearthPlus offering Modern Flames Product


With nearly ten years experience selling fine electric fireplace product on line, the management of HearthPlus is proud to announce a stategic partnership with Modern Flames to market their products in areas where they don't have conventional distribution.  It is especially interesting since the Modern Flames engineers, with over fifty combined years experience in the hearth industry, have developed new technology that has made it possible for electric fireplaces to stand next to the real look of a gas or wood fireplace.  So many other electric fireplace manufacturers overlooked the importance of realism but Modern Flames’ realistic dancing flames pattern, are making consumers think of electric fireplaces as an upgrade to their existing real fireplace or older electric fireplace.  Hearth Plus is happy to be to let you buy Modern Flames on the internet.

AL40CLX Electric Fireplace by Modern Flames

Modern Flames continues to introduce state of the art electric fireplace products, including two lines of linear, wall mounted electric fireplaces, the latest of which, the Ambiance CLX Series can be mostly recessed, if desired, to become a built-in fireplace for more sleek installations.  This is just the tip of the intriguing features of the CLX series.  The AL wall mount fireplace series continues to earn its stripes, as well. 

HomeFire HF42 Electric Fireplace by Modern Flames
















The most recent product line introduction is Modern Flames' HomeFire built-in electric fireplaces in three popular sizes:  36", 42" and a 60".  These sleek fireplaces can are so versatile, in that they can be sold as a built-in fireplace to be recessed into a wall, or an insert, to 'slide' into an existing fireplace.  Another option would be to have a cabinet built to make the unit 'free-standing."  What a concept!  All include realism with juniper logs for a traditional fireplace look, or large crystal rocks for a contemporary flare.  Three inside, side liner kits are available as well to customize the look of your fireplace with straight brick, herringbone brick or a set of reflective panels to increase the flame effects.